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Poacher Morris have a repertoire of many traditional and not-so-traditional border Morris dances.  In our current dance out list are:

Black Swan:

Stick dance for 6.   Tune: Amoco Stomp
A Poacher Morris original dance, loosely based on the Tchaikovsky ballet – not.


Stick dance for 8.   Tune: Steamboat
Wayzgoose taught Poacher Morris this dance, but it’s not good in the middle?

Crooked Billet:

Stick dance for 6.   Tune: King of the Faeries
Diminutive criminals Edward and William?

Cuckoo’s Nest:

Stick dance for 4.   Tune: Cuckoo’s Nest
Lots of sticks in both, but no eggs in our version.


Stick dance for 7.   Tune: Theme Vanitee
A Poacher Morris original dance, about a Jealous Alien?

Hunting the Hare:

Stick dance for 4 (or 6 if we’re feeling brave).   Tune: Enlist for a Sailor
Rabbit chasing for balding Morris dancers?

Maiden’s Prayer:

Stick dance for 4.   Tune: Variant on Rickett’s Hornpipe
Poacher Morris waving their sticks about – what more could a maiden want?


Stick dance for 6.  Tune: William Taylor’s Tabletop Hornpipe
A Lincolnshire delicacy danced delicately (sometimes).

Rochester Thistle:

Stick dance for 8.  Tune: The Dark Girl
A prickly subject for Jane?

Tinner’s Rabbits:

Stick dance for 3’s from Grimspound Morris, adapted and adopted by Poacher Morris.  Tune: Foul Weather Call
Solderer’s Binnies in a Can?


Stick dance for 5.   Tune: Twiglet / Theme Vanitee
A stick dance originally performed with knobbly snacks made with yeast extract; however we now use hazel sticks that last longer but are not as tasty.

Waltzing Matilda:

Stick dance for 5.   Tune: Waltzing Matilda
Confusingly, not in waltz time, and none of us are called Matilda!


Stick dance for 8.   Tune: William Taylor’s Tabletop Hornpipe
The Head or Toes of Nanny Ogg


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