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PM Ely 2015 Stils  (44)

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Jun 08 (Sat) Southwell Folk Festival Photos

Jun 06 (Thu) Summer Danceout Queen Vic Photos

May 05 (Sun) Kirton in Lindsey Spring Festival Photos.

Mar 30 (Sat) Joint Morris Organisation (JMO) Day of Dance, Manchester. Massed Morris in Manchester, featuring sides from the Morris Federation, Open Morris, and the Morris Ring. We were one of them! (JMO 2019 Photos)


Oct 27 (Sat) Batemans Brewery.  A wonderful dance out in a great atmosphere. We had a fantastic time – an excellent way to end the season

Sep 01 (Sat)  Lincoln BIG Morris Festival.  A great day in our home town

Aug 26 (Sat)  Lincoln Steampunk Asylum.

Aug 04 (Sat)  Worlaby Village Day.  Morris in the Sun in North Lincolnshire.

Jul 21 (Sat)  Newark Traditions Festival.  In only it’s 2nd year, this was new festival for us and we had a fine old time. it. (Newark 2018 Photos)

Jun 21 (Thu) Summer Solstice Danceout Photos

Jun 16 (Sat)  Beverley Fringe Festival. The main Beverley Folk Festival may have been cancelled, but the Fringe continues.  Poacher Morris are delighted to be involved.  (Beverley 2018)

Jun 09 (Sat)  Southwell Festival.  A welcome return to one of our favourite festivals.  (Southwell 2018)

Saturday 19 May 2018.  Joint Morris Organisation (JMO) Day of Dance, Peterborough.  Many, many, Morris sides of many traditions from all over the UK – a good day!

Saturday 12 May 2018:  Holmfirth Festival of Folk.  Nestled deep in the Pennines, a welcome return to this cosy little festival in the centre of town.

Sunday 06 May 2018: Bluebell Wood Goats sanctuary and Farm Shop.  A good start to the 2018 danceout season, with a small but appreciative audience and a first Poacher Morris danceout for 3 new members.


Monday 06 November 2017.  Launch of the Tree Charter – 800 years to the day since the signing of the Charter of the Forest.

Sunday 29 October 2017. Lincolnshire Wolds Railway.  Steamy times at Ludborough!

Saturday 23 September 2017.  Morris Federation Day of Dance in Hull – City of Culture 2017

Sunday 17  September 2017: Pre-show performance for the Demon Barbers ‘Lock Inn Remixed dance show at Lincoln’s New Theatre Royal

Saturday 02 September 2017  Lincoln BIG Morris Festival.  In Lincoln, big, & Morris-y … (obviously!)

Saturday 26 August 2017  Lincoln Steampunk Asylum, Lincoln.  A welcome return to one of our favourite events of the year.

Saturday 08-July 2017:  Ely Folk Festival.  Parade and dance spots.

Saturday 24 June 2017:  Bourne Borderers 25th Anniversary Weekend of Morris.  Dancing with multiple sides from across the region in Stamford Town centre.

Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 June 2017:  Gate to Southwell Festival

Sunday 04 June 2017: Picnic on the Green, Nocton.  A great afternoon out with the good people of Nocton.

Friday 02 June 2017:  Bottle and Glass in Harby.  A joint danceout with our friends from Rattlejag and Bishops Morris at the Bottle and Glass in Harby.

Saturday 13 May 2017:  Joint Morris Organisation (JMO) Day of Dance.   Massed Morris in lovely Leicester!

Saturday 06 May 2017:  Holmfirth Festival of Folk.   A welcome return for Poacher Morris to this great folk festival nestled in the Pennines.

Saturday 08 April 2017:  Busking in the Sun in Uphill Lincoln.  Good to be out and about again after the winter.

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Monday 31 October 2016:  Joint danceout for Halloween with the Grimsby Morris Men.

Sunday 30 October 2016.  Lincolnshire Wolds Railway.  Dancing into the dark for Halloween

Saturday 03 September 2016.  Lincoln BIG Morris Festival.   Despite the day being cut short by the torrential rain, we were lucky to have a performance tent outside The Victoria pub where we were joined by Bourne Borderers and Way of the Wyrd.

Saturday 27 August 2016.  Lincoln Steampunk Asylum.

Thursday 28 July 2016.  Jolly Brewer, Lincoln.

Saturday 09 July 2016.  Ely Folk Festival.   A super day out at Ely Festival despite the slightly damp start. Amongst other things we got to lead the procession, drink some beer, eat delicious chips, dance in the Morris display in the festival arena, ride on a bus with bemused Americans, and appear with many, many tourists in their selfies, What more could we hope for?

Saturday 02 July 2016. Welton Family Fun Day.

Tuesday 21 June 2016. Pub Danceout, The Three Kings Inn, Threekingham.  Poacher Morris joined with Bourne Borderers & Kesteven Morris in Deepest Mid-Lincolnshire to celebrate the Mid-Summer Solstice.

Saturday 18 June 2016: Epworth Music Day.  All types of music and dance on display to the ears and eyes, Poacher Morris was one of  ’em!

Sunday 12 June 2016. Harmston Village Day.  It rained, but we still had fun.

Saturday 11 June 2016. Southwell Festival.  Another visit to one of our favourite local festivals.  It rained but we had fun.

Friday 03 June 2016. Pub Dance Out, The Bottle and Glass, Harby.  Poacher Morris once again joined Bishops Morris as guests of Rattlejag Morris at Harby.  It was good to be out and dancing with our Morris friends.   A big thank you to Rattlejag for the invite, and to the pub for sausage & chips afterward.  A pleasant 3-side danceout to start the weekend – smashin’!

Thursday 26 May 2016.   The Victoria, Lincoln.  First pub danceout of the year, small but perfectly formed audience; 12 people, 2 dogs and a bicycle chained to the railings

Saturday 07 May 2016: Holmfirth Festival of Folk.  A lovely cosy little festival in the Pennines – We had fun!

Saturday 23 April 2016: JMO Day of Dance, York.   A great start to the danceout season…

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Oscar’s Inn, Newark. Nov 2015.  (Stills)  Nice to be dancing the in the November sun today with fellow teams from Rattlejag, Bishops Morris, and Lincoln & Micklebarrow.  The Green Hop ale was mighty fine too.

Lincolnshire Wolds Railway. Oct 2015. (Stills)  We had a great day dancing on platforms at both ends of the line and at the New Inn, North Thoresby.   Great fun and we stayed on to light the bonfire & watch the fireworks.

Dunholme Community Day. Oct 2015.  (Stills)  We had a wonderful time at Dunholme.  A fine appreciative audience, who joined in with gusto to dance Tinner’s Rabbits with us!  Lots of big grins everywhere that made for a great danceout!

Come & Try It Border Morris taster session. Sep 2015.  (Stills)

Lincoln BIG Morris Festival.  Sep 2015 (Stills & Vids)  Poacher Morris joined 20 or so Morris Sides for an all day event dancing at various venue around town, culminating in a massed Morris in front of the Cathedral.

Asylum Steampunk Festival, Uphill Lincoln. Aug 2015 (Stills).  An excellent day, and we danced our socks off…  Sunshine, dancers, musicians, an appreciative audience wherever we danced and someone bought a new hat. Huzzah!!

White Hart, North Scarle. Aug 2015 (Stills).  A lovely cosy location in a great village pub garden.  A fine finish (in the gathering gloom) to our evening danceout season 2015.

Blacksmith’s Arms, Rothwell. Aug 2015 (Stills).  A quiet little danceout on the top of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Jolly Brewer, Lincoln. Jul 2015 (Stills).  A fine summer’s evening danceout in a most welcoming venue…

Ely Folk Festival. Jul 2015 (Stills).  We processed, danced in a bandstand, and outside 2 separate coffee shops and the cathedral.  We drank beer, ate chips and engaged in a simultaneous Morris with Borne Borderers.  And to cap it off we bumped into a founder member of Poacher.  A good day.

Epworth Music Day. Jun 2015 (Stills).  Poacher Morris were one of only two dance sides at this great local festival.

Bottle and Glass, Harby. Jun 2015 (Stills).  A nice pub danceout with our friends from Rattlejag Morris and Bishop’s Morris Sword Team.

Southwell Folk Festival. Jun 2015 (Stills).  Fun in the sun!

Lincoln Castle Reopening. Apr 2015 (Stills).    A most marvellous Poacher Morris day out.

IMPArt Ceilidh Interval. Feb 2015 (Stills).  A fine start to the 2015 dance outs.

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At Lincoln Morris Day 2014 (Stills)

At Lincoln Morris Day 2014 (Video) – ‘Black Swan’ at the Finale

Lincolnshire Wolds Railway Steam day & Bonfire 2014 (Stills)

Other Dancing Out in 2014 (Stills)

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North Thoresby May Day Steam Day 2013 (Video) – ‘Cuckoos Nest’.

At Southwell Festival 2013 (Stills)

At Lincoln Morris Day 2013 (Stills)

Other Dancing Out in 2013 (Stills)

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Rochester Sweeps 2012 (Stills)

At Rochester Sweeps Festival 2012 (Video)

Ludborough Steam Day 2012 (Video) – ‘Hunting the Hare’ on the narrow platform

At Lincoln Morris Day 2012 (Stills)

Lincoln Morris Day 2012 Finale (Video) – Look out for Poacher Morris from 04:54 to 05:58 performing ‘Coalville’.

With Rattlejag Morris 2012 (Video) – Joint dance out to celebrate Rattlejag’s 10th Anniversary.  The dance is ‘3 around 3’, or ‘Tinners Rabbits’.

Other Dancing Out in 2012 (Stills)

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Rochester Sweeps 2011 (Stills)

Lincoln Day of Morris 2011 (Video) – Dancing in the middle of the High Street

A documentary made by Lincoln Uni students about Poacher Morris curiously entitled – ‘Revenge of the Meerkat’.    Part 1   /   Part 2   /   Part 3   /   Part 4.

‘Revenge of the Meerkat’ film crew dancing the Morris with Poacher.  (No sound – presumably because the sound person was dancing?)

Other Dancing Out in 2011 (Stills)

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Southwell Festival 2010 (Video) – ‘Black Swan’.

Dancing at Caistor Christmas Lights Switch On 2010 (Video) – ‘Cuckoos Nest’

Other Dancing Out 2010 (Stills)

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Rochester Sweeps 2009 (Stills)

Rochdale Rush Cart July 2009 (Stills)

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Rochester Sweeps 2008 (Stills)

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Lincoln Waterside Festival, Brayford Wharf, Lincoln l 21July 2007 (Video).

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Alford Folk Festival (Alford Photos 2003)

Poacher Morris Tour in Holland (Holland Photos 2003)

Wragby Dove Park (Wragby Photos 2003)

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