2015 Lincoln Castle (01 Apr 2015)

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Photogenic Poacher Morris strike again!  A bit blustery at times but lots of dancing with good audiences. We did some other very Morrisy things too… Got moved on from outside the law courts, joined in the medieval dance display, had our photo taken with CBeebies Mike the Knight, posed for the odd picture or three ourselves, and all in all had a most marvellous Poacher Morris day out. A big thanks to the organisers for inviting us, our dancers and musicians who performed excellently (well done folks), and our audiences who made it all worthwhile.


PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-05 PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-07

PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-06  PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-08

PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-10 PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-11



These photos are by Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-04(SteveSmailes-TheLincolnite) PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-03(SteveSmailes-TheLincolnite)


These are from Diane Seddon at Oaktree Photography

PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-16(DianeSeddon-OaktreePhotography) PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-17(DianeSeddon-OaktreePhotography)


And here are some photos taken by the Lincolnshire Echo

PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-13(LincsEcho) PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-14(LincsEcho)  PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-15(LincsEcho)


These are by Leah Warriner-Wood

PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-19(LeahWarrinerWood) PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-18(LeahWarrinerWood)


These photos are by George Plember

PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-02 PoMo2015-LincolnCastle-01


And this last one from LincsFM



What a pretty bunch we are!?

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