2016 Joint Morris Organisation (JMO) Day of Dance, York. 23 Apr 2016

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What a Grand Day Out we had at the JMO in York.  A huge thanks to Minster Strays for organising a most excellent and spiffing start to the danceout season.  Some photos of Poacher in action from various sources…

Poacher also appear in a video of the JMO Day of Dance at at 1:26 (Cuckoos Nest), 11:33 (Hunting the Hare), and Poacher snippets at 0:10 and 7:30, aaand oft lurking in the background too.

Taken by Sally…


25994362804_d256573632_o 25996636863_f587aaea79_o  26326509410_0d2bf2fb2d_o 26326513390_87eb3903b3_o 26506810132_deaffe9d23_o 26534147581_870a6b4eb0_o 26534155571_ef596841c9_o 26599719015_fd60192215_o 25994356104_a0fdd3e2c5_o 25994357014_95965c1987_o

Taken by Graham or Mark…

(using the same camera so we can’t always tell who took what )

pDSCN8887 pDSCN8923 pDSCN8925 pDSCN8928 pDSCN8930 pDSCN8948 pDSCN8954 pDSCN9003 pDSCN9004 pDSCN9005 pDSCN9006 pDSCN9009 pDSCN9010 pDSCN9014 pDSCN9016 pDSCN9085 pDSCN9086 pDSCN9125 pDSCN9132 pDSCN9134 mDSCN8879 mDSCN8884 mDSCN8891 mDSCN8896 mDSCN8901 mDSCN8902 mDSCN8907 mDSCN8914 mDSCN8945 mDSCN8956 mDSCN8960 mDSCN8966 mDSCN8994 mDSCN9034 mDSCN9042 mDSCN9048 mDSCN9052 mDSCN9064 mDSCN9072 mDSCN9080 mDSCN9098 mDSCN9104 mDSCN9110 mDSCN9118 pDSCN8873

From Chris Fincham (culled from Facebook)

13072799_707822662690849_6230268246233521999_o 13072804_707822502690865_3122510432779553093_o 13087348_707822546024194_4023785904070462083_n 13072753_707822729357509_7682890285786000628_o

From Tim Green (taken from Flickr)

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