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Poacher Morris are the finest and original Border Morris side in Lincoln.  Most people will be aware of the more refined hanky waving Cotswold Morris, Border Morris is the rumbustious member of the Morris family, that involves big sticks, whooping, yelling and vigorous stepping.

Poacher Morris were formed in 1996, and are a successful and growing side.  We currently have around 12 regular dancers and 7 or so regular musicians.

We are always keen to encourage new recruits, dancer and musicians, to try (and hopefully enjoy and continue with) ‘the Morris’.  We are a mixed side with male and female dancers and musicians and we accept all ages, sizes, shapes, levels of experience, etc  [All we ask is that any children are accompanied by a parent or guardian.]  We have a lot of fun dancing the Border Morris and get to dance at some great folk festivals and other places through the year.  Join us and it could be you…

For those who would like to have a go at Border Morris we are running a series of Come and Try It sessions in September and October 2017.  The aim is to have a relaxed introduction to the Morris with a number of ‘newbies’ at the same time so you won’t be the only new starter.DanceWithPoMoBlurr2

The Come and Try It sessions are free and take place 8-9:30pm at Burton Road Methodist Hall, Lincoln, LN1 3LW on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays in September and October 2017.  Come along to one or several sessions – we look forward to meeting you.


For further information please contact:

our Bagman at <>,

or our Squire at <>,

or get in touch via our facebook page <>.


Some common Questions (and Answers)

Q:  Morris dancing – what’s it all that about then?

Morris is England’s national dance and a growing activity in the UK and abroad.  There are many different styles of Morris; Cotswold, Border, Sword, Molly, Northwest, Rapper, to name a few.  Poacher Morris perform the lively, varied and interesting Border Morris.

The Lincoln BIG Morris festival takes place in Lincoln on Saturday 2nd September 2017.  Come along and see around 20 Morris sides performing a range of different Morris styles at many locations across the city centre.  Come and have a chat with us, we are generally rostered to dance in the Uphill section of town.

Q:  Why should I have a go at Morris?

The same reason as we do – it’s a lot of fun.  Morris dancing is a great way to meet new friends, get some exercise, keep traditions alive, and generally have a good time.  We have a lot of laughs together as we practice and perform in some great places.  It is also really satisfying to learn and master something new – especially something a bit different.  Don’t just take our word for it, click here to see ten good reasons why you should try Morris dancing.

Q:  It looks complicated, do I have to have any experience?

No experience is required.  Most of us started from scratch, usually with two left feet!  Because of the historic evolution of Morris where dancers only got together occasionally the steps are simple.  We can show you how easy it is to pick up at our Taster sessions.

We teach and practice repertoire during the winter months – so Autumn is the great time to join a Morris side.

Q:  What do I need?

You can come along with no prior experience, and need make no commitment, so why not give it a whirl?  Just wear some grippy footwear and relatively loose clothes for a starter practice session.  If you are coming as a musician just bring your instrument – we can provide dots or you can pick up tunes by ear if you work best that way.

Q:  Is it expensive?

No.  Poacher Morris has no annual subscription fee and we have small fee (currently £1) for members attending on practice evenings to help cover the cost of the hall.  All the taster sessions are free.

Q:  I will have to make a big commitment?

No, you’re in control.  We dance weekly on Thursday evenings in the practice hall from September through to May-ish to develop repertoire and bring new members on.  Provided you’ve got a couple of dances you are happy with (or tunes if you are a musician) you can choose to join us on a danceout.  In the summer, we danceout at festivals, village days and other events mostly on a Saturday or Sunday, and sometimes at local pubs on Thursdays in place of a practice.

Q:  Sounds good!  What do I do next?

Get in touch and have a chat with us if you have any questions.  You can contact our Bagman at <>, or our Squire at <> or get in touch via our facebook page <>.

Otherwise, come along to our introductory sessions on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays in September and October.

Session 1:  Thursday 07-Sept
Session 2:  Thursday 21-Sept
Session 3:  Thursday 05-Oct
Session 4:  Thursday 19-Oct

Come to one or them all.  If you can let us know beforehand that would be helpful but it’s not essential.

The Come & Try It introductory sessions are free and take place 8-9:30pm at Burton Road Methodist Hall, Lincoln, LN1 3LW.


Hope to see you soon.


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